An often underestimated element of music production is mixing & mastering even though it is crucial for achieving overall satisfying end results.

Think of it as a diamond in the rough, requiring some polishing in order to reveal its full beauty. In music production this is acomplished through the process of mixing & mastering. By ensuring the levels of instruments sound balanced, preventing clipping aswell as overcompression and eliminating instrumental interference, we deliver results sounding as good as diamonds look.

That is the reason why you should consider handing off this task to professionals. Our years of experience in mixing and mastering will give your music that special something, raising it to an industry standard, ready to be played on the radio.


You like our style, but yet you would like to have something custom made and individually fitted to your needs? Then this is the perfect way for you to get an instrumental that is designed to match your vision.

The big difference with our Custom Beats – Service compared to our beat catalog, is that we are exclusively producing for you. You will be able to dictate what  you have in mind, down to every single detail. Apart of that, the end result will be a beat that is unheard of, since we do not upload it on any platform.

Another aspect are the included exclusive rights, which give full ownership over the custom-produced instrumental.