Creating the new Website

After over a year it was finally time to update our website and  make some serious changes. Therefore, over several months, got built up from the ground completely, in order to achieve something more professional looking and more suitable to the image we wanted to portray.

While I coded the previous website from scratch, we decided to switch to WordPress. For anybody who isn’t familiar with the popular, open-source software WordPress, should be aware of the fact that 26% of all websites are powered by WordPress today.

It is belogning to the category of software, called ‘CMS’, which stands for Content Managing System. What makes it so powerful yet easy to use, is that WordPress does most of the coding in the background for you, freeing up the time to completely focus on the content itsself. That way, you don’t have to bother with debugging codes and other nuisances anymore.

But enough talking about coding and advertising WordPress – after all we are not sponsored by them. Let us take a look at what’s new on and how you can use the additional functions.

What’s New?

1. Design
Look and vibe of the website completely changed since it was built from scratch. The intention was to create modern and minimal designs, conveying what we think BlackDiamondMusic is all about: High Quality and class.

2. Single Page vs. Multi Page Layout
As you might have noticed, our previous website had a single page layout, meaning it’s basically a menu that simply scrolls to the needed section on the single page. Although this might be a concept that gets the job done, we strived for something little more complex and professional; hence the switch to a multi page layout, which gives the opportunity to include more content.

3. Additional service offers
Because we both feel confident in our skills as producers, we decided to add some more services to our catalog and help out artists and producers who are striving for professional sounding music. We started by splitting up the mixing service into two categories with seperate prices – one of them being for instrumentals and the other for full tracks with vocals. But the most interesting service, is the Custom Changes Service, which lets you receive instrumentals, individually fitted to your structural needs. We haven’t seen this kind of service anywhere else, so we decided to implement it. So in case you want to purchase an instrumental, but feel like the arrangement / structure should be different, keep in mind we offer this service.

4. The Black Lotus Loop Kit
With the release of this website, we also finished a loop kit, named ‘The Black Lotus’, which is the perfect tool for producers who want custom high-quality loops for their productions. It can be widely used for Hip Hop, R&B or even Trap beats, so take a look right here.

5. Store Payment System
While our beat player/store is still hosted by, everything else purchasable on our website is now hosted through Woo Commerce. What’s benefeting for customers is that products get delivered instantly via automatically generated emails. Now, there’s no need to wait for manually sent files. For instance, if you purchase ‘The Black Lotus Loop Kit’ you will get an inbox with the downloadable files without any delay. Additionally, customers can now create accounts on their own or they are automatically created for you when you checkout as a guest, giving you the chance to look up your ordering history, redownload your products or change your purchase defaults.

6. Blogging is cool now
If you are reading this, you will have found this article in our blog section (Captain Obvious). Our thought process was, to have a place whre we could share ideas and thoughts on. Every now and then Olivier and myself will create a new article about any topic, ranging from production tips to music industry marketing advise. Of course, if you have any suggestion what we should write about, feel free to comment beneath this post and suggest your favourite topics.

These were mainly the important changes to our website. If you have any suggestions for improvement, don’t hesitate to message us or comment under this post.

Niklas Schumm – 02.01.2017