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No, the free downloads we offer on our website are meant for listening aswell as promotional purposes. However, You can also utilize them for non-profit projects, as long as we, the producers, are credited in a way that’s appropriate.

Yes, You have to give credit to the producer if you chose to release your song produced by us. Credit must be given to: “BlackDiamondMusic”.

Yes, you can make profit off of your song as long as the sales are within the distribution limit. The limit depends on the type of lease you purchased. If you go over this limit a new lease has to be acquired.

Yes, all leases have an expiration date of 3 years. After this time period your lease has to be renewed. This can not be renewed if the regarding beat has been sold exclusively in the meantime. If you chose to purchase the beat exclusively it does not have an expiration date.

Yes, BlackDiamondMusic still has the full rights to the beat and is allowed to sell it to other artists.

You will get the full rights to the beat chosen. BlackDiamondMusic will no longer hold the full rights to the beat. Though, credit must be given to: “BlackDiamondMusic”. You can find more information in our default contract, which we can send you on demand.

In case of someone obtaining the exclusive rights for a beat, you bought a lease of before, your license will still remain valid. Until your lease expires, You can regularily use that beat within the rights of your license.

No, unfortunately we only accept payments via Paypal. Though, you can pay with Visa or any other card, supported by Paypal.

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