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distribution limit - 7.500 copies

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The Diamond Standard Vol.1 Box - Drum Kit Box

The Diamond Standard Vol.1
HipHop & Trap Drumsamples
contains the following

40 Kicks & 808s

35 Claps & Snares

30 Cymbals

35 Custom recorded Percussions

20 Effects

4   Massive BrassHits

3   Construction Kits for royalty free use

20 Exclusive Sylenth Presets crafted by BDM

→ 196 files / 173mb



The BlackDiamondMusic - Team

Olivier H.

Dutch music composer Olivier has been investing many hours, since he started producing in 2012, in order to get to a professional level. Although he used to have his focus on Rn'b and Pop beats for a long time, eventually some influences shifted his style more towards the Trap genre, often adding his smooth and unique touch.


Niklas S.

Whilst born in Germany, Bavaria, Niklas has always been interested in producing music ever since he found Youtube videos of FL Studio when he was eleven. For about six years he is crafting a wide variety of music - from HipHop and Trap to Electro and Orchestral. Apart of music, he puts alot of efforts into designing as well as coding anything for BlackDiamondMusic.

Established in 2012, BlackDiamondMusic is an aspiring Hip-Hop and Trap focused music production team, run by the founder and music composer Olivier H aswell as Niklas S, who joined at the end of 2014 and copes with everything graphic related. While attaching great importance to creativity and uniqueness, their biggest goal is to strive for consistently professional beats. For more than a year they've been releasing one beat every weekend without a break and are looking to keep the quality coming in the future.

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